Employee Testimonials

Shawn Onley, CPA

"Moving back to East Texas from DFW was a large step for our family and finding an enjoyable place to work and grow professionally long-term was a major decision. However, the people of Henry & Peters have made our transition a very smooth and enjoyable one, leaving no doubt that the right decisions were made in all respects. The main reason I chose H&P was for the culture, people and leadership of the firm. The work environment of H&P fosters a sense of caring, professionalism and abundance of knowledge. The work/life balance I have obtained at H&P has been an absolute blessing and is in stark contrast to that of DFW. H&P has the friendliest employees and when I proudly mention to people that I am an H&P employee, they immediately recognize the firm and all the respect that it embodies. This serves to confirm my decision to join the H&P team."

Kevan Kirksey, CPA

"Tyler is a growing community that has a lot to offer, and the firm’s experience and reputation has established us as the best in East Texas."

Kristen Baldwin, Accounting Solutions

"Working at Henry & Peters allows me to be part of something bigger than myself - a team of hard working players and a group that genuinely enjoy working together to get the job done."